1015 Scouts Welcome You

Over 75 years old and nearly 123  Eagle Scouts, Troop 1015 is a very active troop with overnight camping trips every month as well as lively Tuesday night meeting topics. Each summer we attend a Scout Camp for one week and then we have another week of high adventure activity such as a backpacking trip in the wilderness.


Every few years we also take a “big trip”. In 2012 about 40 of us went on a week-long adventure to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park, and a couple of other interesting places in Wyoming and Utah.


Troop 1015 plans on returning to Yellowstone National Park next year, 2016, and they are actively fundraising for this trip.


Alameda’s Troop 1015 is sponsored by BPO Elks Lodge #1015 in Alameda.


Come on by & join the FUN!

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